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I was fresh out of the jw community, met my ex husband in a parking lot in sausalito where I was living in my convertible blue VW bug. We lived together on his boat for a while, but it was basically like camping on water (no toilet.) I became really good friends with one of the harbor residents, a vietnam vet who went by the name "boatswain" (we all called him boats or boatsie.) He was a hoot and a half. He would always talk about the "sweet pussy" he lived with (his cat) and I would go hang with him and smoke bowls on his wooden boat that was falling apart. He could barely walk but rode his bike to Sturgis every year like it was mecca. He ended up getting a big settlement from the government for being exposed to agent orange, got himself a fancy boat and a nice new truck. I loved him. the harbor was full of characters. I tried homemade absinthe out of a little round flask for the first time at a "pisces" party on a houseboat.

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